How to Repair a Garage Door Panel?

Garage doors are one of the most significant safety issues related to a home. They need to be reliable and durable. 

That is why you must check out how to repair a garage door panel. It is a good idea because more than 100% of garage door panels fail in the market for no particular reason.

There are different kinds of garage door panels available in the market. However, you will have to face many problems when you want to repair your old garage door panel. 

The fixing procedure is not complicated, and you will most likely be able to do it fast. Homeowners are always concerned about the safety and security of their homes. 

This is not only because of the fear of accidents but also due to the cost involved in repairing damages and locksmiths, which can be very costly for some individuals. 

Repair a Garage Door Panel

Get A Brand New Panel

Garage door panels are crucial parts of the structure of your garage door.  

If you have a broken garage door panel, it is vital to take action and get a new one ordered. This will ensure that you receive the best garage door repair service possible.

Replacement is easy and affordable regardless of how old or new the door frame is.

Remove the Bend Using a Hammer

You can use a hammer to break the bend in your garage door panel. This will give you more space for repair. 

You can use this approach for any other things that have bent, affecting their ability to work correctly, or have broken in ways that prevent them from closing properly.

First, determine the source of the bend. For example, if a section of the door is dented from the outside. 

Check if any other parts of the garage door panel are also bent. If not, get a hammer and break the bent position free. 

This procedure is best done while wearing gloves. Remember that a garage door panel is quite a heavy object, and all the force must be distributed in the right spot. 

Use Heat To Remove The Dent

Heat is a great way to remove dents and deformities such as dings and scratches. Heat can also apply a layer of heat-resistant material, called filler, over the mark. 

The filler fills the area where the dent would be, creating a smooth surface with no blemishes or defects. 

When you choose heat to repair your garage door panel, you must remember that if the door panel exposes metal, it will damage it. 

This can make even more work for someone who has not enough experience.


Garage door panels can easily get dented when things fall on them or when the wind blows. 

The good news is that dings and dents usually don’t cause serious problems, especially if you can remove them quickly. 

Removing marks from a garage door panel is relatively easy and can save you money since replacing the entire panel would be costly.

These steps should help you repair and protect your garage door hamilton finish. But before carrying out the steps above, you should always consult the manufacturer’s safety and maintenance guide.