Are Carriage Houses Outdated? What You Need to Know

You have probably heard of a carriage house, but do you know what it refers to? Carriage houses originated centuries ago to house horse-drawn carriages. You may be wondering if they have become outdated. This article will detail exactly what carriage houses are and how they are used in modern times. It will answer the question: Are carriage houses outdated? Here are all the details you need to know.

Carriage Houses

What Are Carriage Houses?

Carriage houses were originally built to hold horse-drawn carriages and all of the accessories that went along with them. This required a large open space with high ceilings. Many also had small living quarters for the horse groomsmen and carriage drivers, which was usually located on a second floor or loft. 

In today’s world where horse-drawn carriages are a thing of the past, carriage houses serve a different purpose. They are a structure detached from the main home and may be used as guest homes, detached garages, home offices, or anything else the owner desires. 

What Do Modern Carriage Houses Look Like?

Most carriage houses are freestanding on large lots of land surrounded by open space, although these features can be adapted depending on the specifics of the property. They are built with carriage house garage doors as a defining feature. Carriage house garage doors are usually made of a natural-looking material, such as wood or faux wood that provide instant charm.

Carriage houses are traditionally built in a Victorian style, although this is not an absolute, and modern carriage houses vary in style. They often make use of elements such as steeped roofs, clapboard siding, stained glass, and bay and dormer windows. While they generally retain an old-world rustic charm, they can be built to complement the house with which they share a property. 

Are Carriage Houses Outdated?

It may seem as though a structure that was originally intended to be used for horse-drawn carriages has no place in today’s world of high-speed travel. This is far from true, however. Modern carriage houses are a great selling point for a home. They add a beautiful aesthetic, and their possible uses are almost unlimited. They can be updated or designed with almost any purpose in mind. 

The style, size, and placement of carriage houses often replicate how they would have been built in centuries past. However, there are no definitive rules that must be followed. This gives owners the ability to have carriage houses built in a way that complements modern homes and provides modern function. Older carriage houses can always be updated in style to give them a new look if desired. 

Final Thoughts

Carriage houses are far from outdated. Their original purpose is a relic of the past, but today they have many modern uses that make them highly desirable. With adaptable styles that retain beauty and charm while matching modern homes, they can make almost any home more valuable and appealing. There is no need to feel bound by old rules. Get started designing or updating your carriage house today!