6 How Physiotherapist Can Help In Healing An Ankle Injury

Ankle sprain or injury is the most frequent problem that can occur while doing any physical activity. This is because the tendon or ligament in the outer of the ankle suffers from a trauma caused by a twist or awkwardly landing of the foot. Also, these injuries can grounds life-long issues on the ankle if it is not treated correctly and timely.

Many people think that the pain of the sprains can go on their own and doesn’t require any therapy or treatments. However, rehabilitation exercises and physiotherapy assist in healing and treating pain completely and very fast.

A physiotherapist gives effective treatments which not only reduce the pain but also diminish the chance of re-occurrence.


An ankle sprain is caused by incidents that are not serious such as taking a walk on the rough and bumpy ground or rolling the foot inwards, which results in sudden shock. The injury’s main symptom is excessive pain and swelling on the ankle.

Also, sometimes the tenderness is so severe that a person faces difficulty taking small steps. This type of condition is mainly suffered by sports persons or people who do work that involves more movement of the body.


  • The physiotherapist first examines the ankle and checks the severity of the injury.
  • Then, the therapist performs several tests that tell the firmness of the joints.
  • For instance, physiotherapists recommend an X-Ray test if the person cannot easily put their foot on the ground.
  • All the above processes mentioned are done to enhance the mobility and strength of the ankle.
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Physical therapies for Healing

After the examination, the physiotherapists prescribe exercises that help recover quickly from the pain. The therapies enable a person to walk on their feet with less pain from the day it is given. 

Strengthening Exercises

These ankle movements are also called neuromuscular exercises. The strengthening exercises help to reclaim the functioning of the ankle. The most common exercise in this is” elastic band push”.

In this, the therapists provide a proper guide on how to do the exercise. In addition, the patient is said to extend and raise the legs to a 20-degree angle while sitting on the floor. 

After that, they are provided a band to place on the foot, and then the ankle is pushed towards the toe by holding the two ends of the band.

Mobilization and Manual Therapy

The ankle sprain affects the movement of the leg and disturbs daily life activities. This therapy aids the ankle’s motion and diminishes the tenderness in the muscles.

The therapists provide massage with their hands without putting pressure on the ligaments, which reduces the puffiness and stiffness of the ankle.

Taping and Bracing

The therapists use taping techniques to prevent the area from further injuries. The taping or bracing is used as an alternative to rehabilitation. It provides stability and compression to the ankle, which helps it in healing better and fast.

Both taping and bracing provide support to the foot and manage inflammation, resulting in full recovery of the ankle.

The injury or sprain on the ankle is not a small problem, it can turn into a big problem, and proper measures should be taken to avoid it. Thus, it is advised to see a physiotherapist if there is an issue with the ankle.