Where to Find the Best Same-day Flower Delivery in Toronto and How to Send Flowers to Someone

As the capital province of Ontario, Toronto offers incredible places to grow many kinds of flowers. That is why there are many florists in this beautiful large city. You will find several breathtaking flower arrangements to send to loved ones through the best flower delivery Toronto. In this blog, we will introduce the best same-day flower delivery service and explain how to have flowers delivered to a loved one in Toronto.

Flower Delivery


Bloomen is one of the best same-day flower delivery services. They are a 100% Canadian-owned florist. You will find a large variety of stunning bouquets at great prices, starting from $30. Expect the freshest flowers with long-lasting bloom for more than ten days. You get great value for your money, and flowers can get delivered the same day all over Toronto. But you have to order before 11 AM. To send flowers, choose your desired bouquet on their webpage. Fill out a brief form stating your relationship with the recipient and a personal message to them. Bloomen will take care of the rest and ensure the person receives the flowers before 5 PM. Delivery attracts zero fees.

How to send flowers to someone in Toronto

If you go online to search for florists in Toronto, you will find many options. One of which we have introduced above. That means whether you are within the city or outside, you can have flowers delivered to anyone. 

These online florists display selections of bouquets and flower arrangements on their website. The arrangements will contain varieties of beautiful flowers that are in bloom. There will be various categories to choose from according to the occasion or reason for which you are sending the flowers. The categories will often include birthdays, weddings, congratulations, just gifts, apologies, just cause, etc. 

Many recommend placing orders at least two days before. But fortunately, some businesses offer same-day delivery services, allowing you to order and have flowers delivered within the day. However, you will have to place orders early enough. Most of them offer same-day delivery if you order before 10 AM.

If you are unsure of what flowers to choose from the options, speaking to the florist will help. You can call them directly or use the chat icon on their website to talk with them. They will be happy to guide you in choosing the best flower arrangements for your purpose. There are different stunning bouquets for any occasion.

After talking with them or choosing your bouquet, place your order by filling out their order form. In many cases, they will ask for the reason for sending the flowers. This helps them serve you better by delivering it according to the occasion. They will also recommend including a personal message to the recipient, which they will deliver alongside the flowers.

It’s that easy. Visit the website, choose the flower, fill out the order form, pay, and the florist handles the rest.