5 Things to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency Before Working With Them

Many digital marketing agencies exist in Canada. You will have no shortage of options. These agencies help promote companies, products, or personal brands. You need to ensure their strategies are effective before partnering with an agency. Before choosing them, you need to find out their success rates, work ethics, and how they relate with their clients. For this reason, we have prepared five important questions to ask an agency before hiring their services.

1. How do you measure a campaign’s success?

This question helps you learn about their goals and metrics for measuring campaign success. It will help you learn their plans for online releases. They will also explain the campaign methods and the strategies they plan to use throughout. It is common for digital marketing agencies in Toronto and Canada to use page views to track campaign success. They will monitor new and returning site visitors. And also keep track of the sessions on the site. This helps measure success within a specific period.

2. How do you communicate with clients during a campaign 

Effective digital marketing requires good communication and collaboration. The agency you plan to work with should explain how they plan to give you updates. They should state how they plan to keep you informed about the campaign. You should also be able to monitor and review their progress. 

3. How long have you been in this business?

Experience is always a good thing. So if the agency has some, especially in your business area, this is a great sign. Competition is very high in the digital marketing industry. Changes are also frequent and constant. So an experienced agency must be skilled, and up to the task you wish to hire them for.

4. What areas do you specialize in?

Some focus on content marketing. Others on SEO or paid ads. If the inbound marketing strategy is your goal, an agency that provides all the above services will be ideal. It is better to use an agency that is skilled in various digital marketing techniques. 

5. What outcome should I expect?

It is important to be confident in the digital marketing agency you hire. Consider your expectations and what your company considers successful. Find out what results you should expect from them. Explain what outcomes you wish to see. These can be increased site traffic, subscribers, increased sales, etc.

Bonus: What companies have you worked with in the past?

This question gives you insight into their experience and expertise. You need to be able to trust the marketing agencies’ ability to work with them. Checking their portfolio will help answer this question. If it is not online, you can ask to see it when you meet with them. Check their previous jobs and successes before hiring the agency.

In addition, knowing their business terms is important. Their policies should match your company or brand. And they must be able to accommodate your schedule for a good business relationship.