Who Qualifies For Free Legal Aid In Brampton

What is legal aid in Brampton?  

Government-sponsored legal aid programmes assist low-income individuals in obtaining legal counsel and representation.

Who Qualifies For Free Legal Aid In Brampton

Legal Aid Services Act (LASA):

On 8th July, 2020, the Legal Aid Act (LASA) was enacted into law, and it went into force on 18th October, 2021. LASA controls and manages the administration of legal aid in Brampton.

Legal assistance covers a wide range of legal concerns. However, it is most frequently offered for more difficult criminal situations, such as when there is a high possibility that the defendant will go to prison and charges are brought under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

What types of cases does legal aid Brampton not cover?

Examples of situations that would typically not be covered would include first-time shoplifting and drunk driving offences unless they resulted in bodily harm.

Systemic variables 

  • Judicial procedures used in sentencing
  • Crown prosecutorial procedures

What does legal aid cover in Brampton?

Specific criminal charges, family law concerns (including domestic abuse), immigration and refugee issues, landlord and tenant matters, civil proceedings, and final appeals may all be funded by Legal Aid Brampton if a person qualifies financially. 

All fees associated with your case, including those for acquiring evidence, legal counsel, legal representation, and court costs, will be covered by Legal Aid. If you lose, it will also cover the opposing side’s costs.

Can I get a lawyer in Brampton, Canada, for nothing?

A lawyer is free for unrepresented litigants who cannot pay for one. The Nova Scotia Branch of the Canadian Bar Association has a list of attorneys who have offered to donate their services for this initiative.

How much is a lawyer in Canada?

New lawyers often bill $211 per hour. On average, attorneys with five years of practice charge $280 per hour.

What if you are unable to hire a lawyer?

The court will typically allow your attorney to withdraw from your case if you cannot pay him. However, if you are proactive and explain your circumstances to your lawyer, you might be able to agree. Most lawyers will create a payment schedule if your incapacity to pay is temporary.

Who is eligible for legal aid in Brampton?

After providing for basic needs like food and accommodation, you must have little to no money to qualify for legal aid in Brampton. Legal help is virtually always available to those receiving social assistance. Even if you have some money in the bank or own a property, you can be qualified for legal help.

The following categories of people are eligible for legal aid: 

  • Criminal offender
  • Parents asking former spouses for child support 
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Parents requesting child support, custody, or visitation
  • Those people who consider themselves to be First Nation, Métis, or Inuit
  • People with problems with their mental health or addiction, and
  • Either immigrant fearing deportation or refugees applying for Canadian immigration status


To recapitulate, whether you receive full or partial reimbursement for your legal expenses. It will depend on the type of assistance you need and your financial circumstances.