The Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cannot Lose Pregnancy Fat

Bringing a new life to the world brings a bunch of joy especially to the new mother. But the wonders of motherhood come with some challenges. One such challenge is shading postpartum weight. It is challenging for many women to shed weight gained during pregnancy. Many may use the term ‘pregnancy fat’ casually, but there is more to it. Here, we look at ten reasons women find it hard to lose pregnancy fat.

Lose Pregnancy Fat

1. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations take place during pregnancy and affect metabolism and fat storage. Hormones take time to regulate after childbirth. This makes it difficult for women to shed weight.

2. Lack of Sleep

Hormone imbalances induced by sleep deprivation increase appetites for unhealthy foods and decrease desire for exercise. New mothers frequently experience sleep deprivation. These may affect efforts to lose weight.

3. Stress

Motherhood is a tough job. Caring for the infant, emotional feelings, societal pressure on the new mom, and lack of quality sleep cause stress.

All these constitute hormonal imbalances and make it difficult to lose weight gained during pregnancy.

4. Lack of Time

Caring for a newborn, including making meals baby meals is time-consuming. It becomes a challenge to have a weight management plan in place. It does not allow mothers to pay attention to their health or engage in physical exercise. This leads to weight gain.

5. Breastfeeding

Some women may have more fat storage during breastfeeding to enhance milk production. Breastfeeding also burns calories and triggers appetite. This makes it hard to maintain the calorie deficit needed for weight loss.

6. Poor Nutrition

In a bid for easy and convenient food, some mothers go for high-calorie foods that are low in needed nutrients. These foods make it difficult to lose weight.

7. Muscle Weakness

Pregnancy and delivery cause weakness in the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. This contributes to bad posture and back pain. It is vital to strengthen these muscles to restore core strength, which promotes weight loss.

8. Lack of Support

Lack of support and isolation discourages weight loss. A support system from family, friends, and virtual fitness classes can help any ability to lose weight. 

9. Unrealistic Expectations

Many women expect to recover their pre-pregnancy weight so soon. The truth is it takes time for the body to recover from childbirth. Be realistic and patient with the process. With time, you will get there.

10. Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions like postpartum depression and thyroid can hamper any weight loss effort. It is best to see your healthcare provider to see if any underlying health issues can hinder your ability to shade fat.


Shading postpartum weight is a concern for many women. See it as a journey and understand that everybody is different. Identify and address any underlying problem hindering your weight loss effort. Embrace a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition, and be patient with yourself.

Seek support from family members, friends, and even virtual fitness classes. Or you can join a support group for new mothers. Do not forget that your healthcare provider can give suggestions that help in your bid for post-pregnancy weight loss.”

Alice Glasheen

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