Do You Need an Intellectual Property Agent in Canada?

Intellectual property agents, including IP lawyers, trademark agents or patent agents plays an essential role in the identification and to file your intellectual property. Therefore, we need an intellectual property agent in Canada.

Intellectual Property Agent in Canada

The primary duty of intellectual property agents: 

Intellectual property agents work on developing a strategy and enforce and protect your property after defining the budget. They also guide people on how they can use their property correctly to maintain licensing, marking, assignment and other strategies to enhance the worth of your property.

How to choose your intellectual property agent:

Trademark and patent agent profession is regulated by the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents. Agent Registration and maintenance are under the responsibility of this College. To maintain the public-facing, Google available list of registered intellectual property agents, IP agent examination and the establishment of a code agent discipline.  

Consultation with the college of trademark agents and patent agents:

For the sake of finding the list of registered Canadian trademark agents, consultation with the college of trademark agents is required. Only the individuals mentioned on the college website are eligible to work on your behalf with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Speak with Intellectual Property Agents: 

To avoid professional cost-related mistakes and to find the best person for the job, contact an intellectual property agent in no time. Give the property agent the best understanding of the technology area and your business strategy. An intelligent party agent will help you secure the IP rights in the country or anywhere else where you wish to secure protection.

Questions that you can ask from your trademark agent:  

  1. What is the timeline?
  2. What sort of information should I bring and gather for the first meeting?
  3. How much this is going to cost.
  4. What should I do or have to avoid before the first meeting?
  5. Can I qualify to be a small entity?
  6. Should I have to pay for an accelerated examination?
  7. Does the fast-tracked patent application for clean technology applicable to my invention or not?

Before having a consultation with an intellectual property agent:

To be prepared for the consultancy, you should know about different types of intellectual property. You must visit the CIPO’s websites to get a complete handle on the fundamentals of IP. To speak with an IP advisor, you can contact the client service centre.

What to do to protect your IP in foreign markets across Canada:

If your business will take you beyond Canada, consult our Canadian trade mark agent abroad business guides to protect your intellectual property in foreign markets.

Cost range for Canada: 

Depending upon the complexity of work and your needs, the cost range will vary.

Intellectual property Agent fees:

Trademark $500 to $2,000

Patent $5,000 to 25,000

Industrial design $500 to 2,000


Intellectual property agents are required for the proper plan building about your business. They also help in the protection of your intellectual property.